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Car rental in Hawaii w/debit card

There is much to know if you plan to rent a car using a debit card

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Debit card user guide!

GGG Hawaii Rental Car Checklist ~ Debit Cards

This article focuses in on what you should know before you get to the rental counter. You're Hawaii trip is finally booked. The next thing on the list is renting a car, but you only have a debit credit card. You may have just come to a roadblock. I'm not saying you won't be able to rent, but there will be criteria you will have to meet when renting from a major car rental agency. Rent-a-car agencies view customers with major credit cards a better credit risk. After all, these companies are entrusting you with an expensive asset and paying with cash or a debit card presents a larger risk to them.

NEW ~ Dollar & Thrifty Only: Dollar & Thrifty have done away with credit checks. Non-prepaid VISA, Mastercard and Discover debit cards accepted.
They’ve also removed travel plan requirements when booking more than 24 hours in advance. Made a last-minute reservation, you can still rent using your debit card just be sure to bring an extra form of government issued ID and your return travel plans to the counter. Age 20-25? No problem. You can rent using a debit card too. Incidental hold of $200 + cost of rental will be applied at pickup.

Hoops to jump through. First thing, tell the reservation agent you're paying with a debit card. If you're booking online, look for documentation regarding debit cards. Each agency normally outline's their rules for usage somewhere along the reservation process. The agents at Hawaiicarrental.com all have over 25 years experience renting cars in Hawaii. We will provide you with the basic information you need for the company we align you with. We may also advise you to contact the agency direct for further detailed information. It can be complex at times, we want to make sure you have the most up to date info. Agencies have the right to change their policies at anytime, you are always welcome to go right to the rental agency directly for clarity.

Identify yourself. You will be required to present additional identification when paying with a debit card. Make sure you prepare your documents in advance. This could mean presenting your Drivers licence along with one of the following: Passport, Military ID, Non-Government ID/with photo (e.g. Costco Card. Additional Credit or Debit Card embossed with renter's name). Current utility statement, with same name and address as Driver's License). Your round-trip travel itinerary.

Under 25 years old. Folks under 25 can not rent a vehicle using a debit card. However, they can be added to a rental contract as an additional driver. They're subject to pay the daily, young driver fee of the agency.

Hawaii residents can not rent a vehicle on the island they reside on, with a debit card.

Limited choice. A debit card means you may lose the option of renting luxury cars, SUV's or other specialty vehicles. You may be relegated to renting Economy to Fullsize classes. Due to the fact agencies reserve the right to change their policy at any time, we ask that you check with your booked agency directly for the most current information on this issue.

Debit Card Usage Renting Convertibles ~ Thrifty & Dollar ONLY!
You can now rent luxury, premium or convertible classes with Thrifty or Dollar using a debit card!

Thrifty & Dollar ONLY! The reservation must be made 24 hours prior to vehicle pick-up. If you are renting a luxury, premium or convertible car class, the following requirements must be met. Show a valid driver’s license and one other form of identification. (Passport, Government ID, Employee ID, Membership card with photo – Costco/Sam’s, etc.). Show proof of a return travel ticket to coincide with the rental (airline or cruise). An authorization amount including the estimated total for the rental charges and an incremental hold of $200 will be assessed on the card under a VISA, MasterCard or Discover logo card only. These funds will not be available for your use until the end of the rental after charges apply. No credit check will be made. This is only when booking Thrifty & Dollar on our website!

The Plastic. You'll need to provide a debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo stamped on it. Prepaid or gift cards are not accepted when you initially rent the vehicle. Some agencies all ow them at the end of the rental as payment.

Expect a credit check. Many agencies will perform a credit and know that running your credit may affect your credit report. Be prepared to go through a longer process. Since your credit may need to be run as well as verifying your often multiple forms of ID, ete, etc.

Deposit required. Make sure your card has funds available, these funds will not be available to you. You can minimally expect to pay between $250 and $350 for the deposit.

In summary. While it is possible to rent a car in Hawaii with a debit card. You'll be subject to various requirements & restrictions based on the agency. These may include, required dollar amounts available on the card, a R/T ticket, 2 forms of ID. In some cases you must pass a credit check (Equifax), if not passed, you will be turned down at the counter. If your unsure of meeting some or all of these requirements, ask your booking representative. Prepare your required documents in advance for the specific ageny you rent from. You'll want to avoid an bad surprise at the counter after traveling across an ocean to get here. Arm yourself with knowledge, you'll make better choices.