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We have Temporarily Discontinued Quoting them.

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Hawaii Car Rental Dockside

Hawaii Car Rental Dockside

The Reason we temporally discontinued quoting Dockside: Rental agencies have a history of abruptly halting service at some ports with little or no advanced warning.

Example: Kahului, Maui: The location code is OGG.
OGG shares the same Airport location code with the cruise ship location.
Recently, several major agencies discontinued shuttle services at that port location.

Let's say you book OGG in January for a trip in April and the rental agency discontinued shuttle service to the port within that time period. Currently, we have no way of knowing / alerting customers that shuttle services discontinued at that Cruise ship port. We do not wish this major inconvenience on anyone.

We are working on customizing our systems at AA Aloha Cars R Us to accommodate this issue, creating an area on our site dedicated for the latest updated Hawaii car rental information on agencies servicing the Cruise ship ports. And creating an alert system if an agency happens to abruptly stop shuttle service. This involves major overhauls to our databases and has its complexities. We will update the site when completed.

In the meantime: we suggest booking with the car rental agencies direct, this ensures up to date information, then, reconfirming a week ahead of time just to double check shuttle services are still available.

Thank you for understanding.
Happy Cruising!
Dan Lauer (Owner/CEO)