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Maui nicknamed the "Valley Isle"

Follow the yellow brick road (to Hana), Maui style!

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Welcome to Maui

Mother Maui welcomes you... Maui, known as the Valley Isle, is one of the most sought after destinations on the planet. Follow the yellow brick road, Maui style! We call it the road to Hana. With 600 curves and 54 bridges, this is one of the world’s most scenic drives. Time travel some 50 miles past magnificent seascapes, botanical gardens, taro patches, cliffs, beaches, and miles of rainforest. From volcanic black sand beaches to gorgeous waterfalls carving out the pools at the Oheo Gulch. Oh, yeah, there is that sleepy town of Hana! The Hana experience will take you back to a simpler time & place where silence can still be found.

Maui is known as the Valley Isle
Maui Activities ~
Maui has 30 miles of white, red, and black sand beaches, over 80 beaches in total with more miles of accessible beach than any Hawaiian Island.
OK, truth be told... Maui is my backyard. I moved here from Texas, in 1980 for one year. I guess I'm still on the one year plan! When traveling, I always seek out a local perspective, so I hope you appreciate my view on Maui. If you came for beach time, you can find a little beach, a Big beach and just the right beach. Maui has more than 80 incredible beaches with a combined shoreline that spans 120 miles. You can park the car so close, you’ll get sandy before you open the door! "Maui no ka oi" is what locals say about the island, it means Maui is the very best. It’s no surprise Maui was voted the “Best Island” by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler for 19 years.

What to do... Top of most lists is watching the sunrise on Haleakala "house of the sun". For those of you seeking to get to know her better, you can venture down a trail carved into its wall. Down in the crater the stillness is surreal, the silence is permanent, not a hint of a breeze, no birds singing in the sky, no insects a' buzz'n. Perhaps someday an eighth Wonder of the world. There’s even a Peak that has a magnetic field strong enough to mess with a compass.

Here are few of my personal favorite places. You must visit Honolua Bay located on the West side, It's a spectacular place to spend an early morning either snorkeling or just enjoying the view. The Nakalele Blowhole see my video below!

Locals know Do the Hike through the ethereal Bamboo forest, eat wild berries on the way to Waimoku Falls.. And, because it's one of my favorite things ever, I feel the need to talk about snorkel spots on and around Maui. If you really want to do something different, call around and see if you find a tour operator that will get you in a drift snorkel, either at Molokini (the Tahiti channel), or parallel to the Pali hwy around the scenic outlook, that's my favorite spot, shhh! Make sure you have an underwater camera, because it's hard to describe what you see!

Close to the top of my list is Molokini, it's one of only three volcanic calderas in the world. It is Hawaii’s only island marine sanctuary, it’s very calm, and safe for all ages. Molokini is home to about 250 fish species, including surgeonfish, tangs, parrot fish, Moorish idols and more. I also have to mention La Perouse Bay. It's past Makena Beach, all the way until the road ends. Go early in the morning, there's a good chance you’ll see Spinner Dolphins playing in the calm waters of the bay. Yes, if you swim out there, you just may find yourself in school with them, they are extremely fun and curious, I have been many times, but please abide by the rules, never chase or touch them! On the southern coastline of the island, in a spot aptly named “Turtle Town” you're almost 100% guaranteed to see the “Honu” - The Hawaiian green sea turtle. Hawaiian green sea turtles are federally protected, it’s illegal to touch or harass them. Please be sure to give turtles plenty of space and make an effort to not overcrowd them.

Ah, the magic of Maui... It's no wonder that the humpback whales choose Maui as part of their annual migratory route! Do You find yourself on Maui during Whale season? If so, I have one thing to tell you.. Get on a boat! You might have one of the coolest experiences ever and a memory to last a lifetime. Its called getting mugged, sorry for that visual.. It's when the curiosity of a pod of whales gets the best of them. They seem to be people watching, as they invade your space, perhaps they are trying to communicate with us, maybe saying thank you for the commercial whaling moratorium in 1986. I have been mugged several times and I like it! There is no question, Maui is one of the best places to whale watch in the world.

Here is a video I shot at The Nakalele Blowhole ~ Nakalele Blowhole. Set on the island’s northwestern coast, Nakalele Blowhole is a natural geyser where seawater roars through an underwater lava tube rising some 100 feet in the air. In the morning, I often see a rainbow that forms in the mist. Please be careful and stay on the dry rocks, for this is where mother Maui's flexes her muscle, you will feel her power on any day, and feel her fury on high surf days ~ appreciate the blowhole from a distance.