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Rental Car Taxes in Hawaii

Hawaii car rental taxes and fees

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FFF Now that I got your attention, did you really think you could avoid taxes?

Hawaii car rental taxes and fees
This article focuses on the money your looking to save on taxes, if you rent off airport.

Before July 2014 this was a real thing. I saved countless people hundreds of dollars renting off Airport. So, what has changed you ask? In 2014 the State of Hawaii enacted a facility surcharge of $4.50 per day, at all off-airport locations. Over two weeks that's $63, imagine how a two or three month stay would add up. Fast forward to 01/01/19, Hawaii added $2 daily to the Highway State Surcharge, plus, a small hike in the Registration Weight Tax.

Today's reality.. Let's take a Maui car rental for example. I may be able to save you $50 a week renting in Kihei. Well, that's about a 25-minute drive, since the major car rental companies don't have shuttles that go to Kihei, you have to use alternative transportation averaging about $55 each way. The other considerations are inconvenience & time. Seeing that most agencies are only open until 5pm, it adds another issue for late arrivals. In summary, public transport after a long flight to save a few bucks will have you scratching your head, asking if it was worth it!

Older Cars.. Is it possible to bypass some taxes, get a quality vehicle several years old, get picked up at the airport, herded to a location normally 30 minutes away? The answer is yes, it is. The stories I hear after doing this over 25 years are people calling us because they've run into issues with their rental. Ranging from mechanical problems, a vehicle that smells like an ashtray, or cockroaches partying in the car all night. Even worse, imagine the Christmas holiday, your with the entire family when some unfortunate issue arises. The independent rental agency is totally sold out, with nothing else to put you in when your rental is broke down and busted. Every year like clock-work we get calls from these very agencies asking if we have cars for there customers! Enough said!

Ride Share and Peer to Peer Options.. While these options are gaining traction, it is not without many complaints. We hear horrendous experiences from people left high and dry. It's heartbreaking. From hosts canceling your booking at the last minute. To a host vehicle breaking down, mechanical issues, abusive drivers and the famous Cockroach infestation for the peer to peer options..
On Oahu, we've seen the base rates average much higher in Waikiki in the last several years. This pretty much zero's out a tax savings.
On Kauai, more of the same, with higher base rates off the Airport.