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Maui Activities

Tour & Activity Categories on Maui

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Maui Hawaiian Luau's

Maui Snorkel Spots
Maui Hawaiian Luau's ~~~ Maui Snorkel Spots

Maui is generally considered to be the island that has the very best luaus. In fact some of the luaus we have here are so popular that during the busier months they are often totally booked for several weeks in advance... Luaus and Shows on Maui ~ Video

The list of reef fish you might find on your Maui snorkel is seemingly endless but probably includes some of these: Parrotfish, Wrasse, Butterfly fish, Angel fish, Damsel fish, Trigger fish, Eels, Unicorn fish, Hog fish... Maui snorkeling adventures ~ Video

Maui Airplane Tours

Maui Helicopter Tours
Air Tours - Airplane Tours on Maui ~~~ Maui Helicopter Tours

Fixed-wing aircraft fly to the Big Island from Maui to take a Hawaii Volcano Tour. Plus, there are flights that will take you from Maui to Father Damien's Leper Colony, with a land tour of the Kalaupapa Peninsula on Molokai... Airplane Tours on Maui ~ Video

There are many Helicopter Rides on Maui, the main two are the 45 minute Hana/Crater tour and the 60 minute full Circle Island. The very least amount of time I would recommend would be the 45 minute Hana/Crater flight... Helicopter Tours on Maui ~ Video

Maui Sailing Charters

Maui SCUBA Diving
Sunset Sails & Cruises on Maui SCUBA Diving Packages on Maui

If the notion of Maui sails intrigues you, you've come to the right spot. The Maui sailing climate & prevailing winds provide the best possible sailing environment. The trade winds generally come up in the later morning... Sailing on Maui ~ Video

Why do people dive on Maui? It’s Maui's underwater charm, coral reefs, magnificent marine life, striking underwater caves & cliffs, its wrecks, its remarkable visibility, warm water. In short, Maui is a diver's paradise.... Scuba diving on Maui ~

Maui Hiking Tours

Maui Kayaking Tours
Hiking Tours on Maui
Kayaking Tours on Maui

You can enjoy many of the trails on Maui by using one of the professional Maui hiking companies on island. Sometimes they will take you hiking on public trails and other times the hiking trails will be on private property with only private access... Hiking on Maui ~ Video

A perfect Maui kayak experience! The underwater marine preserve of Honolua Bay is fantastic for a Maui kayaking tour. Maui kayak tours have always been popular along the coastline of Olowalu as well as off the coast of Makena... Maui kayaking ~ Video

Kid's Activities Maui

Molokini Snorkeling
Kid's Tours And Activities on Maui
Molokini Snorkeling Tours on Maui

Think back to some vacations you may have taken as a child. In all likelihood you may remember them in vivid detail, or at least certain aspects of them. These are the experiences you’re providing for your children now.... Kid's Activities on Maui ~

Molokini snorkeling tours offer one of the premier snorkeling adventures in Hawaii. Molokini Crater is actually the tip of an extinct volcano vent, barely peeking above the ocean's surface between Maui & Kahoolawe... Molokini Snorkeling on Maui ~ Video

Cruise Ship Compatible Activities

Maui ATV
& Off-Road
Cruise Ship Compatible Activities on Maui
ATV And Off-Road Tours on Maui

There are a number of cruise ships that visit Maui, we focused primarily here on the Pride of America cruise ship from Norwegian Cruise Lines, they arrive most frequently and on a yearly basis carry the most people… Maui Cruise Ship Compatible ~ Video

ATV rides have become all the rage in Hawaii and on Maui over the last decade. Maui ATV rides are exciting, they are fun. Maui ATV rides allow you to travel that would be difficult for you to reach in any conventional way... ATV & Off-Road Tours on Maui ~ Video

Zipline Tours on Maui

Bike Tours on Maui
Zipline Tours on Maui
Bike Tours on Maui

Zip line courses come in all shapes & sizes on Maui. Some courses have lines of only four or five zips and others have as many as eight or so. Some have zip line lengths of as little as & others will extend to about 3500... Zipline Tours on Maui ~ Video

The Maui bike tour offers one of Maui’s greatest activity thrills. Imagine coasting thousands of feet down the slopes of the world's largest dormant volcano on one of the exciting Maui bike rides! A tour to always remember... Bike Tours on Maui ~ Video

Combo Packages Maui

Maui ATV & Off-Road
Combo Packages on Maui
Sightseeing Land Tours on Maui

All of Our Tours Can Be Customized Combination Tours if You Buy More Than One. Prices on all our tours when sold on an individual basis are rock bottom. We do this to allow our customers to take advantage of our massive selection… Maui Combo Tours

Sightseeing tours on Maui are very popular. Driving the road to Hana or winding your way up to the heights of Haleakala Crater will prove to be some of your most worthwhile days spent on Maui. Hana, Haleakala & more... Sightseeing tours on Maui ~ Video

Featured Activities

Maui Extreme Activities

Whale Watching Tours Maui
X-Treme Activities on Maui
Whale Watching Tours on Maui

For our purposes, X-Treme Tours are those tours that are adventurous, exciting and usually require some measure of courage. You may think that these tours are designed only for the young but that is not the case at all..... X-Treme Tours on Maui

Whales in Maui can be seen during the Maui Whale Watch season which runs from 12/16 to 05/15. If you book nothing else, Whales on Maui is a must! Whales' babies, born on Maui, grow at a rate of 100 pounds a day!... Whale Watching Tours on Maui ~ Video

Unique Activities on Maui

Spa and Massage Maui
Unique Tours and Activities on Maui
Spa And Massage Packages on Maui

The word unique means one of a kind. In all fairness, some of the tours listed on this page would actually be considered unusual, as there are similar tours (but not many) found elsewhere. Experience something perhaps unexpected.. Unique Activities Maui

Maui Spas & Maui Massages provide the ultimate in relaxation on your Maui vacation. Relaxation are what vacations are about, right! The best activity you may do on your Maui trip would be to enjoy a soothing body treatment.... Maui Spas, Maui Massages

Maui Weddings & Vow Renewal

Horseback Riding Maui
Weddings And Vow Renewal Packages on Maui
Horseback Riding Tours on Maui

Having a wedding in an exotic far away location (like Maui!) is a dream of many. Planning a wedding in an exotic far away location is a different story. Keep your wedding fun, let us make everything how you want it.. Maui Weddings Vow Renewal Packages

Maui horseback riding stables and working ranches are located from Kapalua in West Maui to Makena in South Maui and from Waihee Valley in Central Maui to Hana. All horseback riding companies will want to know your level.... Horseback Riding Maui ~ Video

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