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Kauai Activities

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Kauai Hawaiian Luau's

Kauai Snorkel Spots

Kauai Hawaiian Luau's ~~~ Kauai Snorkel Spots

A Luau in Kauai is the quintessential Hawaiian feast, Kauai luaus are at sunset & continue into the evening, consisting of cooking a pig in an Imu, cocktails, hula dancing, entertainment, most cases fire-knife dancing...
Kauai Hawaiian Luau's ~ Video

Kauai is an island almost completely surrounded by reef & consequently an abundance of sea life. It’s not unusual for Kauai snorkel excursions to encounter dolphins, turtles, the occasional monk seal, reef fish & coral...
Kauai Snorkel Spots ~ Video

Airplane Tours on Kauai

Kauai Helicopter Tours
Kauai Airplane Tours ~~~ Kauai Helicopter Tours

The island of Kauai, with its gorgeous waterfalls, multi-colored Waimea Canyon, rain forests, deep-green coastal cliffs, it's no wonder some of Hollywood's biggest movies were shot on Kauai. A perfect tropical paradise... Kauai Airplane Tours ~ Video

It's certainly no accident Kauai was the first of the islands to offer helicopter tours. Of all the Hawaiian Islands visited by helicopter tours, the Island perceived to be the most romantic by far is the island of Kauai… Kauai helicopter Tours ~ Video

Kauai Hiking Tours
Kauai Kayaking Tours

Hiking Tours on Kauai
Kauai Kayaking Tours

If the phrases nature tours, hiking trips, hiking trails, eco-tours, bird watching, walking tours, rainforests hikes or adventure hiking send a tingle up your spine, then these activities on Kauai will do the trick...Kauai Nature Tours Hiking ~ Video....Kauai Nature Tours, Hiking ~ Video

A great advantage Kauai has that none of the other Hawaiian islands have is the abundance of navigable rivers. With these rivers comes the opportunity to go river kayaking, these river kayaks open up other opportunities... Kauai Kayaking Tours ~ Video

Featured Activities

Kauai Backcountry Tubing

Inter-Island Excursions

Tubing Adventure - Kauai Backcountry Tubing Adventures
Inter-Island Excursions in Hawaii on Kauai

Don't wait!!! Reserve early if you want to enjoy this very popular and unique experience. Tube through miles of ditches, tunnels & flumes. Explore rain forests, lush valleys, see breathtaking ocean & mountain vistas... Kauai Backcountry Tubing ~ Video

The great advantage to taking one of these Inter-Island Tours is that you can visit Pearl Harbor or the Polynesian Cultural Center & not have to deal with the hassle of changing hotels, car rental, running around… Kauai Inter-Island Excursions ~ Video

Cruise Ship Compatible Activities

ATV & Off-Road Tours

ATV And Off-Road Tours on Kauai

There are a number of cruise ships that visit Kauai, we focused primarily here on the Pride of America cruise ship from Norwegian Cruise Lines, they arrive most frequently and on a yearly basis carry the most people…
Kauai Cruise Ship Compatible ~ Video

Your Kauai ATV adventure will take you through landscapes you’ve seen on the Silver Screen! Much of your ATV experience be the backdrop of some of Hollywood's most famous movies like Jurassic Park & King Kong...
ATV And Off-Road Tours on Kauai ~ Video

Weddings & Vow Renewal
Zipline Tours on Kauai

Weddings And Vow Renewal Packages on Kauai
Zipline Tours on Kauai

Having a wedding in an exotic far away location (like Kauai!) is a dream of many. Planning a wedding in an exotic far away location is a different story. Keep your wedding fun, let us make everything how you want it...
Weddings And Vow Renewal Packages

Kauai was among the first of the Hawaiian Islands to build zip line courses. Kauai’s beautiful topography is one of dramatic canyons, long valleys, scenic ridges, beautiful tall forests, with stunning views in every direction...
Zipline Tours on Kauai ~ Video

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