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Why should you use our service?

8 Major Hawaii Car Rental agencies compete for our business!

You benefit by taking advantage of these low contracted rates that are never marked up one penny. 

You can book instantly using our "Reserve now" links. You can call, skype, chat online or have a trained travel agent personally work on your itinerary by filling out our 123 Easy form. So, the bottom line has to be our rates and personal assistance..

We also offer you over 29 years of experience booking Hawaii Rental Cars. We provide discounted Hawaii car rental rates and current promotional deals from 8 major car rental agencies in Hawaii.

Started in 1986 - Our travel agency is based in Hawaii and our agents all have at least 18 years in the Hawaii travel industry.

Kona, Hilo, Maui, Kauai, Oahu and Molokai, we have your Hawaii car rental needs covered.

You have the option to reserve on-line instantly without the use of your credit card. When you reserve Hawaii car rentals on-line, you receive a confirmation email direct from the agency.

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NEW - Hawaii Car Rental / Activity package Deals

Now offering Hawaii Activities with a low price guarantee!

Trained Hawaii travel agents are at your service and are happy to assist you with your itinerary. We often have exclusive availability on Hawaii car rentals during sold out periods, due to our contracts.

 Review and reserve the latest up to the minute Hawaii car rental deals. We are liaisons between customers looking for the best rates on Hawaii car rentals and the deals waiting to be found. So, if you are looking for a Maui car rental, Oahu car rental, Kihei car rental or renting on any other island, you came to the right place. Allow us the privilege of finding the best car rental rates in Hawaii for your stay.

Now up and running, we now offer exclusive car rental Hawaii activity package deals. Called "With Aloha" car rental /Activity packages. These deals are found no where else on the Internet, Activities come with a "low price guarantee" and the largest selection of Hawaii activities on the Internet (over 2000 products). Great package rates on vehicles are now available. We now offer more options to make things easier and cheaper for those desiring Hawaii Tours and Activities plus a vehicle while they vacation in Hawaii.

Mahalo for using our service. Dan Lauer - Owner/CEO of AA Aloha Cars-R-Us Inc and Hawaiicarrental.com. See a sample of our 2015 Hawaii Blog

Hawaii Car Rental Rates for 2015

8 Major Car Rental Agencies Represented

Discounted "Book now" Rates ~ Alamo - Thrifty - Budget

Economy Seats 4 Passengers Hawaii Car Rental Chevy Aveo or Similar Weekly $165.00
Daily $33.00
Seats 4 26-35 mpg Reserve Now
Compact Seats 5 Passengers 26-35 Miles Per Gallon Ford Focus or Similar Weekly $170.00
Seats 5 24-33 mpg Reserve Now Daily $34.00
Midsize Seats 5 Passengers 22-30 Miles Per Gallon Dodge Avenger or Similar Weekly $185.00
Seats 5 22-30 mpg Reserve Now Daily $37.00
Fullsize Seats 5 Passengers 21-31 Miles Per Gallon Chevy Impala or Similar Weekly $245.00
Seats 5 21-31 mpg Reserve Now Daily $49.00
Convertible Seats 4 Passengers 21-28 Miles Per Gallon Ford Mustang or Similar Weekly $340.00
Seats 4  21-28 mpg Reserve Now Daily $68.00
Jeep Seats 4 Passengers 15-19 Miles Per Gallon Wrangler 2Dr Weekly $325.00
Seats 4  15-19 mpg Reserve Now Daily $65.00
Jeep 4Dr. Seats 4 Passengers 15-19 Miles Per Gallon Wrangler 4Dr Weekly $325.00
Seats 5  15-19 mpg Reserve Now Daily $67.00
Midsize SUV Seats 5 Passengers 18-22 Miles Per Gallon Ford Escape or Similar Weekly $285.00
Seats 5 18-22 mpg Reserve Now Daily $65.00
Sport Utility Seats 5 Passengers 22-30 Miles Per Gallon Ford Edge or Similar Weekly $450.00
Seats 5  22-30 mpg Reserve Now Daily $90.00
Minivan Seats 7 Passengers 18-24 Miles Per Gallon Dodge Caravan or Similar Weekly $450.00
Seats 7  18-24 mpg Reserve Now Daily $90.00
Luxury Seats 5 Passengers 18-27 Miles Per Gallon Cadillac DTS or Similar Weekly $305.00
Seats 5  18-27 mpg Reserve Now Daily $68.00
Chevy Aveo
Chevy Aveo
Hawaii Car Rental - Ford Focus
Ford Focus
Dodge Avenger Rental
Dodge Avenger
Impala Rental
Chevy Impala
Ford Mustang
Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Wrangler
Wrangler Rental Car
Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Wrangler 4Dr
Ford Escape
Ford Escape
Ford Edge
Ford Edge
Dodge Grand Caravan
Dodge Caravan
Cadillac DTS
Cadillac DTS

If your vehicle/rate is not available, please use our Form for a quote.

Based on availability - Check by clicking "Reserve Now"

The above rates do not include the 11.1% airport concession fee, excise tax 4.166%, $3 daily vehicle surcharge, $4.50 daily facility fee, vehicle license fee up to .50 cents daily. Rates are subject to availability.

Simply put, our famous service shops for rates, so you don't have to.

Only major car rental agencies are represented, since 1986.Hawaii Car Rentals

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Here are just a few publications you can find us in.

Here is a snapshot of some of the topics we will be covering when we roll out
our new interactive Hawaii Blog in 2015. Please come back and join in the conversation..
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Why Should You Use Our Service?

You benefit because 8 major Hawaii car rental agencies compete for our business! You book our direct to you wholesale rates, that are not marked up one penny. You can book instantly using our "Reserve now" links. You can also call, skype, chat online or have a trained travel agent personally work on your itinerary by filling out our 123 Easy form. You are not alone in your search for your vehicle. So, the bottom line has to be our rates and personal assistance... Read more.. (Coming soon)

Tips and Advise for Visitors to the Islands.

In our upcoming Hawaii blog, we will feature restaurants in Hawaii. But, if you are vacationing in Hawaii remember this money saving tip, we have 4 Costco locations on Oahu, one on Kauai, Kona and Maui. Since we are limited to 3.4 oz containers, you may opt to purchase your favorite sunscreen in Hawaii.  Don't forget a good pair of polarized sunglasses for your Hawaii vacation. ... Read more.. (Coming soon) 

What's the Best Way to Travel Between The Islands of Hawaii?

Island hopping has changed in recent years. The Hawaii Super ferry and Aloha Airlines are no longer options. The most popular method of transportation between the Hawaiian Islands is by air, in many cases air travel is your only option for inter-island travel. The other option is. Read more.. (Coming soon)

Hawaii's Top Ten Beaches?

Lanikai Beach - Oahu. Too gorgeous to be real, it’s a long stretch of sparkling sand, translucent waters with coconut palms swaying in the trade winds. Considered by many locals the best swimming beach in Hawaii. Kaanapali - Black Rock Beach, Maui Condé Nast rated it one of the best beaches in the world...Read more.. (coming soon)

How is the Weather in Hawaii?

Our Hawaii weather post will get you updated on current Hawaii weather conditions for all the Hawaiian Islands from the National weather service. Maui, Oahu, Kauai or The Big Island and Molokai, we got you covered. What is the current time in Hawaii? ... Read more.. (coming soon)

Is there anywhere that has Car Rental/Activity Packages?

Yes! We have an exclusive offer that provides a great deal on a Hawaii car rental along with the largest selection of activities in Hawaii on the Internet. This works out sometimes 2 to 4 times cheaper during the holidays or peak rental periods. We have exclusive availability on cars in the package while others are sold out... (coming soon)

Post Your Hawaii Experiences.

Where are the best places to eat in Hawaii? Where are the best deals on hotels in Hawaii? Where are the best beaches in Hawaii? What are the best activities and tours in Hawaii? Ok, so you were on a boat and saw lava from Kilauea squirting into the sea, you will want to share your favorite Hawaii experience. Feel free to share your best and the worst Hawaii experiences... (coming soon)

Hawaii Car Rentals more expensive in 2015

The HTA's focus on Asia and emerging markets seems to be having it's effect in the Islands.
Visitor spending is up as well as arrivals from Asia, including Korea, China and Japan.
Plus, it seems people may be leery of traveling out of the country right now and are opting for
a Hawaii holiday instead. These are a couple of factors as to why car rentals are hard to find and
so expensive this year. Several agencies are blacking out cars for most of February in an attempt to avoid an over booking situation. The rates have spiked to 2-4 times normal in some cases.

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